Achievements & Future Plan

About Achievements & Future Plan

Results / Achievements of the Pilot Project - (2016 & 2017)

  • Transformation of wastelands into cultivable land made possible.
  • Levelling of the fields not necessary for cultivation.
  • Huge costs incurred on land development could save big money for the farmers.
  • Limited quantities of available irrigation water, if used through micro – irrigation systems, give excellent yields and results.
  • Cultivation of diverse crops possible on hitherto wastelands.
  • Multiple cropping possible in Thiksey block of Leh district, with proper planning and suitable irrigation systems.
  • Established the fact that Ladakh could become the hub for quality seeds multiplication and production.
  • Ladakh could now emerge as the main centre of producing healthy canola type of Mustard, with zero eurasic acid and high quantities of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids, known for its health benefits.
  • Established the fact that planting of cuttings, seedlings of agro-forestry at different times, besides spring and autumn, gave excellent survival results, if looked after well.
  • Accelerated decomposition of cattle dung possible by adding yeast, jaggery, some nitrogenous & phosphatic fertilizer to the cattle dung mound, drenched with water and then covered with plastic sheet under open sun. Well decomposed FYM is ready in about 5 weeks.
  • Hydro-seeding technique fine-tuned to rejuvenate degraded pasture lands at the foothills for Pashmina goats and other animals of Changthang area.
  • Closed roads to & from Ladakh was no deterrent for designing made in Ladakh agri. equipments like – Seed cum Fertilizer drill, High pressure Hydro-seeding cum mobile irrigation platforms.
  • It is possible to grow even exotic plants, if proper care is taken.
  • It is possible to grow turf rolls in Ladakh to establish instant lawns.
  • Green manuring is the best possible way to enrich the organic matter deficient soils of Ladakh.

( All the above achievements and results obtained have been verified independently by 3rd parties like – Doordarshan, several official visitors and delegations ( LAHDC / District admin./ Nabard/ IFFCO / etc. visiting the project site at different growth stages of various crops. )

Plans for 2018 and beyond

  • PM 30 Mustard (canola type) cultivation on commercial scale – about 200 acres in 2018.
  • Vegetables cultivation with special focus on their processing potential – Ready to eat & Ready to cook vegetables.
  • Large scale plantation of Apricot, Apple and Sea-buckthorn – about 200 acres in 2018
  • Agro-Forestry – About 10,000 plants of Willow & Poplar to be planted at the boundary, internal roads and special designated areas
  • Fodder cultivation- > 25 acres of fodder cultivation for Silage production / fodder bank.
  • Pilot Freeze drying processing plant for vegetables & fruits – Start with a few tons of ripe Apricot/ Apple fruits, processing and test marketing in Delhi. Simultaneously, a few vegetables also to be processed for test marketing.
  • Pilot Dairy farm with about 10 – 20 high yielding but local breeds. Proper sheds to be constructed to withstand harsh winters.
  • Green houses to be modified to be able to produce vegetables, flowers and nurseries all the year round.
  •  Large scale production of FYM and procurement of other organic soil enrichment supplements.
  • Start establishing a local seeds gene bank.


Achievements & Future Plan