The Basic Concept

The Basic Concept

Animal Husbandry:

  • Utilize Hydro-seeding & other technologies to produce enough fodder in Changthang, Nyoma & other  areas and develop a large population of sheep, goats ( Pashmina) & cattle.
  • The fresh fodder to sustain large animal population during summer months.
  • Intensive fodder cultivation in areas like Saspol, Khaltse etc. for sileage making to provide green fodder for a few months during winter months.
  • Solar Heated shelters for animals around Leh Town to accommodate large animal population during winter months.
  • Cattle feed plant under the project to supplement feed requirements during winter months. Saspol & Khaltse areas to grow Maize/Corn on large acreage for the feed plant and also fodder for sileage making.
  • The centralized large animal population to provide required raw materials for a Dairy plant, Meat processing plant, Wool & Leather processing plant besides supplying enough farm yard manure for organic matter deficient soils.
  • All the processes to be handled through the traditional cooperative efforts with profit sharing basis with all the nomads & rural farming communities.                                                                             

                              (convergence of Watershed Development & Other A.H. Programs )

Horticulture, Agriculture & Forestry:

  • In-house cultivation of Vegetables on reasonably large areas, both open field & green houses to supply enough quantities, year round for the processing plant – Freeze drying, Ready-to-Eat, Ready-to-Cook, & Fresh (Value added) washed, cleaned, cut & hygienically packed, for the local civilian & defence markets and also for export to other states.
  • Multilayer cropping of vegetables to be practiced inside the green houses.
  • Since fruit plantations would take about 7-8 years for good canopy growth, intercropping with oilseeds & pulses would be undertaken to generate revenues and also large quantities of bio-mass & nitrogen fixation for the soils, fodder for the animals & fuel pellets.
  • Large scale plantations of Seabuckthorn & forest trees would be undertaken on the dozens of kilometers of peripheral boundaries & internal roads.
  • Hi-tech tissue culture lab. would be established to supply uniform quality & large quantities of plant materials and seedlings.

Via Commercial Viability

  • All the components of the project, independently & collectively, need to be run on commercial basis and to be evaluated on commercial viability parameters.
  • In order to develop this project as an institution for longer duration of several decades, the management of the project needs to be in the hands of accomplished professionals.
  • Each entity of the project to be developed as a profit centre. A part of the profit to be shared amongst the cooperative members as per the agreed formula. At least 50% of the profits to be ploughed back to make the project stronger with capacity & technological upgradation, newer entities and with better reserves to sustain it over any future difficulties.