Challenges/ Threats

AboutChallenges / Threats

We are still facing many challenges and threats during this project.

  • Very limited growing period for crops.
  • Dust storms in the early growing periods of April & May accompanied by steep drop in the night temperatures is very harmful for the young & germinating plants in the open field conditions.
  • Acute scarcity of trained local manpower.
  • Banks & financial institutions reluctant to lend money.
  • Since all the required materials are brought in from or through Kashmir and Manali, there is a problem in getting the right material at the right time.
  • The prices are generally 2,3,4 or even 10 times for some products.

Dust Storms, very frequent in May & June, bring havoc for the newly germinating seedlings


Dust storm damaged & buried the emerging plants under several cms of sand

Sand being washed after the dust storm

Truck Tanker being pulled out from soft sand near the 2nd borewell

Ladakh remains cut-off from the country for about 7 months.
The above road at Zojila pass ( Srinagar – Leh ) opens only after 1st week of May every year.

Shortage of FYM forced us to try the accelerated decomposition of fresh cattle dung by using Jaggery, Yeast, some inorganic N & P fertilizer and plenty of water then covered the heaps with polythene sheets. Fully decomposed FYM was ready in < 5 weeks which would have taken > 6 months

Snowfall on April 9th, 2017 at the project site

  • Performance, Dedication, and keeping the interest of the project and its success in mind at all the times, are the key criteria for the people working on the project.
  • While encouraging the freedom of operation and rapid decisions at all levels, the financial integrity in any action, purchase etc., is non-negotiable and of paramount importance.
  • Independent financial audits at the two levels- Project Management and also at LAHDC level have been made mandatory.