Implementation Team

MeetOur Team

M L Mantoo

M L Mantoo ,worked as Advisor to the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, has vast expertise in- Hi-Tech Agri. & Horticulture, Plant Nutrition & Pest Control, Micro-Irrigation, Processing, Marketing etc.

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Tsewang Dorjee

Tswang Dorjee works as GM of the project with more than 10 years of experience in Finance/Insurance and administration. Mr. Dorjee brings the local knowledge & financial administration experience to the project...

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Narinder Singh Dawar

Manager - Irrigation & Farm Operations. Comes with a rich 29 years of experience in Hi-Tech irrigation, civil works and agriculture farm management. Narinder Singh is a very strict task master originally trained & groomed by

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Grow Landscape

Skalzang Dawa

Supervisor – Irrigation & Farm Machinery

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Urgain Dorjay

In-charge of House-keeping & Stores. Mr. Urgain is a very hard-working and very experienced person. He is very humble, disciplined and soft spoken.

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