About FYM

The soils in Ladakh are severally deficient in the organic matter, mainly due to negligible tree cover ( 0.06 % forest cover in Ladakh ) and very low human and animal population. Any small quantity of fresh cow & cattle dung takes about 12 months  to fully decompose anf to make suitable farm yard manure.( 7 months with minus night temperature ). A technique of using Jaggery, yeast , some inorganic N & P fertilizer and water was successfully demonstrated. In 4-5 weeks well decomposed FYM was ready for use in the fields.



FYM Accelerated Decomposition in Process


Project Glimpse Our Plans

The MOU signed with LAHDC is for about 1000 hectares of wasteland to be developed by our Ladakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd.. The pilot project for the initial 2 years was started in 2016, which was a big success. About 50 hectares have been brought under crop cultivation first time in thousands of years, at this location. The crops grown in 2017 were: Canola type Mustard –Breeder & certified seed ( PM 30), Hybrid Maize, Hybrid Wheat, Sunflower, a few fodder crops, Rajma, Peas, Lobia ( Kidney beans ) several types of local & outside vegetables and