Innovations & Technologies

Innovations & Technologies

  • Made in Ladakh – Traveller Irrigation
  • Made in Ladakh – Seed cum Fertilizer Drill
  • Made in Ladakh - Hydroseeding Equipment
  • UnevenContours / Soil Surfaces – No Land leveling – Cost saving
  • 6 Kms. + Boundary – Peripheral Barbed Wire/ Chain link fencing costing >Rs.80 lakhs replaced with deep trenches costing less ths Rs. 5 Lakhs.
  • Zero organic matter in soils & no availability of FYM. Developed in-house mechanism for accelerated decomposition of fresh cow & animal dung – 12 months reduced to 1 month
  • Successfully demonstrated the Hydroseeding technology for fodder cultivation for Pashmina goats, sheep, cattle, horses & yaks in remote areas of Ladakh.
  • Double cropping in Leh region to increase farmers income.


junk yard to made in leh agri. equipments

Truck Tanker (12KL), Smaller tanker (5KL) with a separate wheeled platform purchased from the local Kabari / scrap dealer. Both the tankers were refurbished, repaired & painted, fitted with high powered pressure pump-sets

The result – Hydro-seeding / Irrigation equipment and a tractor pulled traveler irrigation equipments

Locally made Seed cum fertilizer drill

  • Performance, Dedication, and keeping the interest of the project and its success in mind at all the times, are the key criteria for the people working on the project.
  • While encouraging the freedom of operation and rapid decisions at all levels, the financial integrity in any action, purchase etc., is non-negotiable and of paramount importance.
  • Independent financial audits at the two levels- Project Management and also at LAHDC level have been made mandatory.