M.L. Mantoo

About M.L. Mantoo

CEO – Ladakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd &
Advisor – Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council

M L Mantoo ,worked as Advisor to the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India, has vast expertise in- Hi-Tech Agri. & Horticulture, Plant Nutrition & Pest Control, Micro-Irrigation, Processing, Marketing etc. Mr. Mantoo has been instrumental in improving the implementation of Watershed Development & other Rural Development programs, Drafted the National Watershed Guidelines of 2001, handled Quantification & classification of Wastelands in India, etc. Besides the Ministry of Rural Development, Mr Mantoo has also worked as an Advisor to India’s Agriculture Minister, various State governments designing the policies, improving the implementation of various developmental programs. He has also worked with a leading MNC as marketing head, been an Advisor to the Embassy of Israel, improved the financial health of several sick PSU’s. Mr. Mantoo has now conceived, designed and is implementing a unique  Ladakh Integrated Development Project to transform food deficit Ladakh into a food surplus Ladakh, under the banner of Ladakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd.

LADAKH INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PROJECT of Ladakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd Awarded EARTH CARE AWARD - 2018


M.L.Mantoo in winter dress at Ladakh


Mr. M.L. Mantoo with Dr. Rakes Arora, Mr. Chewang Norphel & Mr. Tsering Wandus (Executive Councilor – Agri. LAHDC) on Bhumi Puja Day.

Tsewang Dorjee in our team

Mr. Chewang Norphel in our team.


Mr. M.L. Mantoo with Narinder Singh Dawar.


Dr. Rakesh Arora & Dr Bhagirath Choudhary with M.L.Mantoo at Nubra Site.


Tsewang Dorjee & M.L.Mantoo at Nubra Site.