Our Objectives

  • To serve as an instrument of rural development & rural prosperity through the application of scientific knowledge and technology.
  • To make traditional rural enterprises more profitable and generating new business and employment opportunities in the rural sector through application of appropriate technologies.
  • To transform food & resource deficient Ladakh into a supply hub of organic vegetables, fruits, pulses, oilseeds, milk & animal products.
  • To create enough storage & processing infrastructure for handling bumper yields and provide enough food items during the winter months when Ladakh is cut-off from the rest of the country.
  • By using the latest technologies in agriculture develop the hitherto wasteland into the most productive land in the region.
  • Use the project as a model of technological advancement in agriculture and help and train surrounding villagers to adopt the methods, technologies, inputs etc. to improve their own productivity.
  • Value addition of the produce at the site to procure better returns / profits.
  • The project besides developing the wasteland, would help the area:
    • Generate employment for the rural / surrounding areas.
    • Train rural youth for various types of jobs in agricultural and processing.
    • Generate all round business opportunities for the rural areas surrounding the project.
    • Improve the local environment by conserving soil, water and energy.
    • Improve overall green cover.
    • Energy conservation and use of non-conventional sources of energy e.g. solar, bio-gas etc. A major portion of energy would be met through solar systems later supplemented by bio-gas plants which would be installed at the time of commissioning of the processing plant by using the effluent and the by-products.
    • The sewage and other effluents coming out of the processing plants and also the fresh cow & animal dung would be fully decomposed & recycled using latest aeration, filtration, solar heating and bacterial augmentation technologies.
Ladakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd