About Opportunities

This place has lot's of opportunies.

  • Ladakh has the highest acreage under the wastelands in the country.
  • Cultivation time though short, is very unique & conducive for selected vegetable & fruit crops.
  • Ladakh has the highest Level of Solar radiation on the planet, which results in the fast and enhanced photosynthetic activity inside the plant which ultimately results in huge sizes of vegetables and fruits.
  • Ladakh is separated from the Indian mainland by about 350 kms wide mighty Himalayas, making it an ideal isolated area for seed production. The chances of mixing with other genetic materials, insects, pests and diseases are negligible.

Solar Power  1 – 2 MWs ( Grid Connected ) could be easily generated on the foothills surrounding our Rambirpura Project site

Solar Panels on the foothills. Area available 1500M x 200 M
Direction – Facing sunlight from 9.00AM till sunset – Just perfect