Many thanks to the Indian Army and the Air Force for airlifting various heavy and critical equipment – Pump-sets, HDPE pipelines and other  accessories to make 2017 cultivation possible.

During 2017 cultivation season, a number of diverse crops have been sown. Various vegetables, cereals oilseed crops, fodder and a few fruit & ornamental trees have been planted.

The results obtained so far exceed all our expectations, keeping in mind that the soil is being cultivating for the first time in thousands of years.

Several path -breaking experiments and innovations have been carried out with limited material/manpower resources available.


  • Performance, Dedication, and keeping the interest of the project and its success in mind at all the times, are the key criteria for the people working on the project.
  • While encouraging the freedom of operation and rapid decisions at all levels, the financial integrity in any action, purchase etc., is non-negotiable and of paramount importance.
  • Independent financial audits at the two levels- Project Management and also at LAHDC level have been made mandatory.