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The Brief Concept - A Glimpse

The Brief Concept & the Rationale - A Glimpse



Ladakh is globally famous for its apricots. However, the shelf life of the fruit is very short and the farmers are deprived of good financial returns due to absence of any modern apricot fruit-processing technologies adopted so far.  The farmers continue with the age old sun drying of apricot fruits, which is not market friendly as the quality of the fruit deteriorates considerably. The latest Freeze drying technology to produce fully or semi dried fruits would retain color nutrients taste etc. while the moisture content is reduced as per the market requirement. Besides, various other products could be produced with the latest processing technologies so that farmers get the maximum returns from their produce.

Besides the region, which is separated by 350 kms wide Himalaya range, makes it an ideal place for seed production of various crops like oilseeds, pulses, cereals and vegetables. There is a total isolation from the main-land. Weeds pests and cross genes are kept at bay by this physical barrier leading to the production of true to type seeds of various crops.

  • For the last 68 years, Ladakh has survived mainly on the government programs, donations & Charities.
  • With the result only the basic & skeletal infrastructure has been created.
  • The people at large continue to live a very harsh & difficult life in the remotest & the toughest region of the country.
  • The general poverty levels are very high and the employment opportunities very limited.
  • The region has huge tracts of undeveloped / underdeveloped land.
  • Investment opportunities are almost non-existent.
  • Manufacturing is almost absent.
  • It is now high time that Ladakh gets integrated into the national mainstream and ride the super highway of national development & growth and attract sizeable investments in various sectors and meet the growing aspirations especially of the younger generations.
  • Road connectivity with the rest of the country available only for about 5 -6 months.


Few Snapshots of 2018 !


Utilize Hydro-seeding & other technologies to produce enough fodder in Changthang, Nyoma & other  areas and develop a large population of sheep, goats ( Pashmina) & cattle.

In-house cultivation of Vegetables on reasonably large areas, both open field & green houses to supply enough quantities, year round for the processing plant – Freeze drying, Ready-to-Eat, Ready-to-Cook, & Fresh (Value added) washed, cleaned, cut & hygienically packed, for the local civilian & defence markets and also for export to other states.

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  • To serve as an instrument of rural development & rural prosperity through the application of scientific knowledge and technology.
  • To make traditional rural enterprises more profitable and generating new business and employment opportunities in the rural sector through application of appropriate technologies.
  • To transform food & resource deficient Ladakh into a supply hub of organic vegetables, fruits, pulses, oilseeds, milk & animal products.
  • To create enough storage & processing infrastructure for handling bumper yields and provide enough food items during the winter months when Ladakh is cut-off from the rest of the country.

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  • Ladakh has the highest acreage under the wastelands in the country.
  • Cultivation time though short, is very unique & conducive for selected vegetable & fruit crops.
  • Ladakh has the highest Level of Solar radiation on the planet, which results in the fast and enhanced photosynthetic activity inside the plant which ultimately results in huge sizes of vegetables and fruits.
  • Ladakh is separated from the Indian mainland by about 350 kms wide mighty Himalayas, making it an ideal isolated area for seed production. The chances of mixing with other genetic materials, insects, pests and diseases are negligible.

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Project Glimpse Our Plans

The MOU signed with LAHDC is for about 1000 hectares of wasteland to be developed by us. The pilot project for the initial 2 years was started in 2016. About 25 hectares have been brought under crop cultivation first time in thousands of years. The crops grown in 2017 are: Canola type Mustard –Breeder & certified seed ( PM 30), Hybrid Maize, Hybrid Arhar, Hybrid Wheat, Sunflower, a few fodder crops, Rajma, Peas, Lobia ( Kidney beans ) several types of local & outside vegetables and flowers, a few grafted nursery seedlings of Chinar, Walnut and Apple fruits.

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MeetOur Team

M L Mantoo - CEO,
Ladakh Farmers & producers Cooperative Ltd.

M L Mantoo ,worked as Advisor to the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India,...

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Tsewang Dorjee

Tswang Dorjee works as GM of the project with more than 10 years of experience in...

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Narinder Singh Dawar

Manager - Irrigation & Farm Operations. Comes with a rich 29 years of experience in Hi-Tech...

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